The Maple Mania Story

The MAPLE MANIA is inspired by old-fashioned America.
The music, cinema, and other cultural and artistic pursuits during that time reflect the positivity, liveliness, and prosperity of the era.

Our Maple Boy grew up in this old-fashioned era, and he loves to cause trouble and eat maple snacks.

Just as many adults would keep a whisky flask in their suit, Maple Boy would similarly hide some maple syrup in his clothes.

When no one was around, Maple Boy would sneak into the kitchen, take the maple syrup off the shelf, and hide it in his pockets. Later, during walks with his dog, he would climb a tree in the backyard and dig into the maple syrup.

The MAPLE MANIA's sweets are filled with the same spirit of playfulness, childlike adventure, mischief, and nostalgia.

We hope our sweets bring back, if even only for a moment, the joyful memories of childhood for all who enjoy our sweets.

Let the ample sweetness of the maple syrup in every MAPLE MANIA product remind you of what it was like to smell the sweet aromas from the kitchen at night or to read a picture book in the warmth of your bed.

With these feelings in mind, The MAPLE MANIA will continue to provide its customers with the sweet aroma and taste of maple syrup every day.